Mrs. Strachan's English Class - HAC


What are we doing this week?

Enjoy the final two weeks of School!

Last Day is June 1st!


May 21st - 25th

This week English 7 is focusing on:

Final Project: Teach the Class!

Google Classroom: Presentation and information on this assignment.

Reading: Various informational articles on their given topic.

Homework: N/A


This week English 8 is focusing on:

 Career Research Projects!

Writing: Finishing our summarization for our Match Books 

Google Classroom: Information for Career Research

Reading: Various Informational articles on a career chosen.

Homework: N/A


Last Week 

May 14th-18th

This week English 7 is focusing on:

Writing: Analyzing Poetry Booklet 

Google Classroom: Check GC for station information and copies of poems

Reading: Various poem selections 

Homework: ARTICLE OF THE WEEK DUE May 18th "According to Amazon, the future of shopping is all about the app" <------ LAST AOW of the School Year! 


This week English 8 is focusing on:

Presenting 8th Grade Presentations on May 10th! 

Central Text: "A Mighty Long Way" by Carlotta Walls LaNier

Writing: Summarization Match Books 

Google Classroom: 8th Grade Presentations. 

Reading: Central Text 13-15, we are finishing the book next week!

Homework: N/A